State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAPs)

As stipulated by the State Wildlife Grants (SWG) Program each state had to prepare a comprehensive plan that addressed those species that the state deemed had the greatest conservation need based on factors such as rarity, threats, lack of management funding, and lack of data.  This program began approximately 12 years ago and thus many states are completing their 10-year review and update cycle in 2015.  We’ve collected the plans for the southeastern states here, though some of these are still provisional and likely to undergo further revision.

Note: Many of these PDFs have been assembled from multiple draft documents.  We will attempt to keep these updated as plans get approved, but check the source links before performing any final analyses.

State File Link Source
Alabama PDF
Arkansas PDF
Florida PDF
Georgia PDF
Kentucky PDF (2013 Revisions, see Source link for complete document)
Louisiana PDF
Mississippi PDF
North Carolina PDF
South Carolina PDF
Tennessee PDF
Texas PDF
West Virginia DRAFT 2015 WV State Wildlife Action Plan R1 with Appendix

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